Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Workday - Saturday 13 March


Since last report, the whole place has been mown, some of it twice! On the vegetation control front, the Silver Birch saplings sprouting in the Departure Rd have been attended to. Since the D9 went out there & stirred things up, seeds & suckers are popping up all over the place. The aim is to keep them out of the 4ft & clear of any passing train. Also, within the Museum itself much tidying up has been conducted by MN, his friend Sam & AW, including weed removal, drain clearing & relocation of junk.

I've made & fitted 3 wooden "step tops" to BAM 1743, the BHM & TAM 906. And almost finished refurb of 6 "almost beyond redemption" BAM windows at home.

Number 2 Rd is booked "out of svc" until further notice. Flags & witches hats are in place around the work area. The Dn leg is broken at a sunken joint & 3 sleepers in the vicinity have been removed for replacement. This is going to be the test area for the rail saw as the "joint gap" here is nonexistent! Unfortunately we hit a technical hitch with the saw & hopefully this will be resolved quite quickly. Expert technical advice is not required, so, all you f'n experts can keep your f'n advice to yourselves, or tell someone else!

Spoil removed from #5Rd at the worksite has been distributed about the place, there is now a path of sorts alongside #6Rd, between the lvl Xing & shed door, spoil has also been placed in an attempt to level this area. Further spoil has been carted about the place to replace soil eroded from these areas following recent heavy rainfall. Reasonable ballast has been carted from places where this is a surfeit of same to places where there is a dearth of same. ie. To the worksite on #5Rd!

A cross track "duckboard" has been placed (securely) across #5Rd, another will be placed (in the same place) across #1Rd, when I've put it together. This is just advice, you don't need to know its purpose, other than making the track safer to cross!

Light up wood has been delivered to the WSLLUA & a start has been made on deconstructing the sleepers from the old "blow down" pad. The deconstructed sleepers have also been delivered to the WSLLUA.

Thanx to all who've assisted recently, including those (above) Gav, Andrew & Pat.