Monday, April 19, 2010

Friday 16 April

During the week, vegetation control & lubrication of turnouts took place.

On Friday I (we) saw a diesel locomotive take to the sky & land on a large truck, a bit like mechanical "makin' bacon!" Once I figure out how to further compress the pixels in my "new" camera files, I'll send around the pics.

Gordon turned up on Friday, and he, Pat & self set to on #1Rd, at the Dn end of the Level Xing at the platform to replace a "jig saw" puzzle of a sleeper. I thought we might keep the pieces & sell it off as a large jig saw puzzle?

The other part of the puzzle at this location was the removal of very compacted rubbish, and in the process we uncovered??? I'll keep that to myself! We achieved this with lots of grunting & use of the jack hammer. Shane turned up & gave a hand.

The "small" gauge problem remains in this area, it's certainly not gonna get any worse in the immediate work area as we removed the "jig saw" sleeper & enuf rubbish to allow us to install 2 sleepers to better support the joint & maintain the "present" gauge.

This area will probably settle a little, particularly following any rain?

Gordon & self did a little bit of remedial work on the wall that supports the jacking area known as McFadyen's flat, to prevent the lot falling over. This killed us, after a short while, and we went home completely stuffed.

The Eastern Storage Rd is out of svc immediately adjacent to & Nth of the 6029 worksite due deteriorated sleepers & loose dogs. As is the Gantry Rd, immediately Nth of the 6029 worksite, due same problem. Locomotives are not to pass these points, lest they spread the track. If vehicles on these Rds are to be moved, do so very gently, with lots of other vehicles between the loco & the vehicles being moved. The points that form the Xovers are also booked out.

I ask all who regularly attend the Museum to keep an eye out for ferals who're obviously hanging out by the ODR gates, leaving their rubbish, home made bongs & other ephemera on the ground, & these people would be the same ones that "Kangaroo Edwarded" my old ute.

CUZ - Lindz

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